TaxStats Penalty Reimbursement Policy

At TaxStats, we take pride in our commitment to delivering high-quality service and ensuring compliance with tax regulations. However, if a client incurs a penalty due to our failure to deliver on our promises, we have established the following reimbursement policy:

Submission of Penalty Details:

Applicable clients must provide a copy of the Tax Authority or Companies House letter detailing the penalty. This letter must clearly show the amount payable and reference number to help us validate the claim.

Proof of Responsibility:

Clients must also provide proof that the penalty was incurred as a direct result of TaxStats not delivering on our promise. This may include documentation or correspondence that demonstrates our responsibility for the penalty.

Internal Review:

Upon receiving the penalty details and proof of responsibility, we will conduct an internal review. This review will assess the validity of the claim and determine our position.

Communication of Decision:

After our review, we will communicate our decision to the client. This could either be:

Payment to HMRC/ Companies House:

If the claim is accepted, the client is advised to pay the penalty amount to HMRC without delay. The client should then provide us with a copy of the receipt showing the payment has been made. The receipt should include payment details to help us validate the claim.

Reimbursement Process:

Once we receive the receipt and validate the payment, we will credit the client’s account with the paid amount. This will be done within 15 working days.


This policy applies only to penalties that are a direct result of TaxStats not delivering on our promises. Penalties due to client actions or other factors outside of our control are not covered under this policy. For any questions or further assistance, please contact our customer service team.