IFRS 16 accounting

IFRS 16 is arguably one of the most significant changes to lease accounting in a generation.

Introduced in January 2019, it has affected most companies that were already reporting under IFRS and has had a major impact on the financial statements of property leaseholders and businesses that lease high-value equipment.

We are IFRS 16 experts at R Johnson. We can help you make sense of the requirements and how they apply to your organisation.

We can provide either consultative guidance or a fully outsourced service to meet your needs.

Our experts can assist by:

  • Completing an impact assessment
  • Engaging with stakeholders in your organisation
  • Recording all your lease assets on an industry-leading IFRS 16 reporting tool
  • Providing technical guidance on a lease or buy decisions and other technical queries
  • Producing monthly or quarterly IFRS 16 reporting and journals for your accounting systems
  • Producing IFRS 16 notes to the financial statements for your statutory accounts
  • Updating you on any changes
  • Maintaining your IFRS 16 records