Contractors and IR35

Off-payroll working rules for clients, workers (contractors) and their intermediaries, more commonly known as IR35 are notoriously complicated.

Many contractors have unwittingly fallen foul of this legislation and the financial implications if you get it wrong as considerable.

It is important to know that there is an enormous amount of case law in this area and the taxman is not always right.

If HMRC are claiming that IR35 has been wrongly applied, our experts can argue your case for you.

We can review your existing arrangements and give you our opinion on whether it will withstand scrutiny from HMRC.

Additionally, we can help you put in place contracts which meet the off-payroll working rules.

Payd Umbrella service

Our Umbrella Company protection which removes the problem of IR35 disputes with HMRC and others over your independence.

After you sign up to Payd Umbrella, you only need to ensure that your approved timesheet reaches us in time, and we will ensure that you are paid on time, every time.

Payd Umbrella will fulfil all your RTI filing and Pension requirements, providing you with peace of mind that that you are not violating any rules, and we are looking out for you both now and in the future.

You will also have access to statutory pay, life insurance, holiday pay, accounting services to close down your limited liability company or submit dormant accounts and have your pension arrangements properly maintained or put in place.

Our Payd Umbrella Service is available from just £25 per week or from £100 a month deducted from payroll.