IWOCA money solutions

We are pleased to partner with IWOCA to offer existing and new clients a range of options to spread payments and manage cashflow:

Flexi Loans

IWOCA business flexi-loans are ideal to bridge gaps, allow your business to grasp new opportunities of smooth out cashflow. Flexi-loans allow your business to borrow amounts from £1,000 to £500,000, from just one day and up to two years.

Revenue-based loans

Revenue-based business loans mirrors your turnover, with repayments calculated on the percentage of your monthly sales, with no interest to pay, just a fixed fee.

You can borrow between £1,000 and £50,000 and if sales slow down, so will your repayments, the loan breathes with your business, allowing you to make up any lost ground as you get back on track.

IWOCA Pay Now or Pay Later for Sellers

Give your business customers more choice and keep control of costs. Take all your payments through iwocaPay for free or stand out from the competition and give your business customers interest free extended terms.

How Pay Now works:

Instant pay-outs – you get 100% of your funds in your account as soon as they checkout.

A smart alternative to card payments – no fees, no interest, no failed transactions, just instant secure payments from their bank to yours.

Free for everyone – iwokaPay is free for both you and your customer when settling up with Pay Now.

How Pay Later works:

Instant pay-outs – as soon as your customers checkout we’ll settle 100% of your invoice – we’ll never ask for the money back if they don’t pay us.

Easy to set up – set up once, send your pay link and you’re good to go.

Control your costs – take payments without paying a penny or let business customers spread the cost over 90 days interest free.

For more information about iwoka’s range of money solutions, please contact us.